Sunday, October 19, 2008

When the world is too full to talk about

It's already a memorable fall break and its only just sunday. classes won't start up again until wednesday. i do have loads of work, though, and monday and tuesday are supposed to be actual dedicated "study/reading days."

Yesterday Heidi, Tiffany, and I drove out to the Indiana Dunes. It was wonderful. I so love getting out of the city and seeing the country. i miss it badly. We also got to see some fall color, which was beautiful. I greatly miss that first fall in Hillsdale. How glorious it was! I caught glimpses of it yesterday...enough to hold me until I can experience it again someday in ALL its glory.

Last night was the long-awaited David Wilcox concert. FINALLY I have experienced him in concert. By far the best concert I have ever attended. It was so wonderful. My heart was so full I seriously could not even express it (nor can I now!!). Only smiles. Man, he is phenomenal in concert...I am so grateful I got to go. What a privilege to have these experiences in college...I am so deeply blessed.

Today is a quiet day. I stayed home from church to pray and read on my own. I have needed some quality "time away" from everything and everyone. It was good. Good to just sit in the room alone and think, pray, read, listen. My heart is very full these days. I'm learning ever more that the honest soul lives in a funny place of sorrow AND joy; rest AND pace. This is life with God. It is a beautiful mystery. The days are, indeed, "too full to talk about."

I'm off to lunch :)

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