Thursday, October 23, 2008

tonight i don't feel like studying

BAD! I need to...I have a Church History midterm tomorrow. Grrrrr..... all I want to do is learn Greek. I've been wanting to so bad lately. I think i'm going to start teaching myself and then take it next fall. Mmmm. I miss having a language.

Tomorrow I don't have class until 2pm! Woohoo. But I'll probably be studying :) Mariah, Zach, Anna, Mark, and I are going to see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tomorrow night. I love plays!! Can't wait. Zach borrowed a car which means ROADTRIP and getting a little bit out of the city is always a welcome relief :)

I've been itching to rock climb lately. Man, city life feels so constricting sometimes. I miss the mountains.

I've been TRYING to think about a lot of things recently. yeah, that sounds weird. it's true, though. I've sort of been feeling like i'm "dying" inside. That sounds dramatic but its the only way I know how to explain it. Melinda said its because I need to paint :) She gets that feeling sometimes, too. She recently bought a big ol' canvas and told me we need to find a place to stretch it out and splash around with some color. Maybe she's right. I also think I need to write. I haven't really been able to... its hard to articulate my heart my heart right now. I think I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. You know when things feel like they are starting to come together but aren't quite there yet? yeah...kind of frustrating.

I feel like I'm talking in code. haha. oh goodness...

I'm really really hoping to get up to grandma's for thanksgiving! I just need to find a ride. I'm praying for something to come through here.

Ok. I suppose I should start making good use of the night: sleep or study.

Sleep well, all! Enjoy your friday and ENJOY THE WEEKEND :)
Take time to stop and enjoy the little things God has around many simple pleasures, little blessings...

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