Saturday, November 22, 2008

hot chocolate on a cold night

Mariah, Sarah, and I went down to Michigan Avenue tonight to watch the Festival of Lights. Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving all the Christmas lights on Michigan are turned on. There's a parade and a whole ton of people go out to watch it. It was super cold but we bundled up and it was fun.

1. Good friends :)
2. White lights in the trees
3. Funny people to watch
4. The cutest little girl who was so simply enjoying herself "isn't this the greatest parade? i saw mickey and minnie!"
5. A little boy in front of us on his dad's shoulders whose butt crack kept reappearing in our faces... pull 'em up!
6. Hot chocolate and marshmallows back in the room

It was a super fun night.
Now I am pooped. Just two more days and I will leave this city for a few days. Whew. I look forward to it. Hurray for a real home to spend thanksgiving in. I am blessed. I get to see grandma and uncle matt...and the sister and big brother...


Sarah Laurilla said...

i was definitely there tonight!

looks like you guys were further down than me ...

i was standing in front of kenneth cole!

miss you!

Andrea said...

aaw! Bummer! It was fun :)