Thursday, November 27, 2008


happy thanksgiving to all! Hope you have grateful hearts and, I am sure, full tummies. We are eating at 5pm so i'm still trying to hold smells soooo good.

my travels were fun and uneventful. the train was lots of fun, roadtripping with Jay and Kristen (and Jay's mom!!) was also fun. we met Matt for dinner last night at the Side Door Saloon--amazing! It was a really cool place. The drive up north was long but not bad. The weather was nice and the roads were clear...but it was dark so i couldn't really enjoy the scenery. I will on sunday when we drive back down.

Grandma's is amazing. sigh. I love this house so much. It's still so strange that Papa isn't here when I visit. I am bombarded with a million wonderful memories of him in this place and it is hard to remember him gone. This morning I had coffee and "star toast"--a tradition. It was so good :)

today I set up Grandma's tree for her. It was wodnerful :) It is snowing big fluffy flakes and I love the view off the back balcony. Mmmm. Winter holiday's up here are wonderful.

I've been sitting in the warm living room sipping tea and working on homework all afternoon. I'm finally making some headway on this debate paper. hurray!

Eventually i will post pictures of Kristen's growing belly. It is SO CUTE and oh my goodness I love to touch it! haha. I feel the baby kicking around and it is sooo incredible. Gosh...

Alright. I should get going. More to read :) I hope you all are enjoying break and/or just simply enjoying this good day.
Love you, Friends!!


Lacy Lillian said...

pictures please.
: )
Our room misses you.
And so do I

Andrea said...

i have to wait and do pictures when I get back...but i will :) i miss you, too!

the McGee family said...

you had better be careful what pictures you post! :-)