Thursday, November 06, 2008

oh the things you hear

at the dinner table tonight i heard this from two of the brothers:

brother #1: "hey, when did you get a girlfriend?"
brother #2: "oh, sometime in the summer."
brother #1: "uh. cool."

i was rather disgusted. "get" a girlfriend? umm. yeah. that's really flattering. i'm sure that's what every girl be "gotten." its like getting a new pair of shoes or maybe even like buying a new toothbrush. oh wait, we get those in our stockings at christmas. darn...

sometimes watching "relationships" makes me feel ill. i just want to yell really loud: "grow up!" and sometimes the way guys talk about girls is disgusting. sometimes the way girls talk about guys is also disgusting. lately i've been feeling like I'm in junior high again. bleh.

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