Monday, January 26, 2009


i have that feeling that i am sure accompanies a walk down an old country road to an open field. step into the field. no one is around but the clear blue sky and the big sun smiling down. so you spin. you spin and spin with arms open. and i'm sure i would laugh because it couldn't be kept in. and eventually i would collapse into the grass and lie on my back until the world stopped spinning.

tonight i am grateful for daffodils on sale at Trader Joe's. they made it back to the dorm without freezing and now they make me smile whenever i come home. when it is so cold out the window seals freeze:

you know its a good time to brighten up the room with flowers...or something...anything :)

i've been having some interesting and new thoughts sparked by some study of the theology of divine retribution in the Old Testament. more will come soon--i haven't organized or articulated myself yet :) But I promise I'll contribute something sometime soon.

i need to go work on a paper. and my sleepy tea is almost steeped. mmm. ready for bed....


citizenofheaven said...

Daffodils are great for brightening rooms! They're beautiful, marvelous choice! I just love daffodils, they've been my favorite for years. i really love chicago for the two weeks or so that daffodils are blooming in all the medians and sidewalk gardens!

Andrea said...

i agree!! the tulips in chicago in springtime are beautiful also. such happy flowers!!