Monday, January 05, 2009

my nephew

Little Samuel Chapman McGee was born Jan. 5, 2009 at 4:49pm. He is 7#14oz and 18 in. long. he is SO CUTE.
Kristen was AMAZING. She did the whole thing natural--NO PAIN MEDS AT ALL. She's incredible and I am so proud of her. The little family is doing very well. They will go home from the hospital tomorrow. I am blessed by the miracle of aunthood.

(dude, I'm totally freaked out to have babies. Even though i want a family so bad, I'll admit I am terrified for the process...)

enjoy a few pictures. more will follow later. The wonderful thing is that i have a few more days with them before I go back to school. What a BLESSING that he was born before I left. I KNEW IT! I knew little sammy would come :)



Dre Legit said...

AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Andreaaaaaa! You'll be the funnest Auntie in the WHOLE WORLD! :o) Gah. So excited for you. This kid will ALWAYS know how loved he is! :o) Love youuu.

Abby said...

Andrea you are so sweet! Aunthood is wonderful! Congratulations to your whole family...give Kristen and Jay my congratulations.

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Unknown said...

Andrea -- I know Jay and Kristen are busy -- will you let me know how they're doing? Are they home from the hospital? my email is Thanks.