Sunday, January 18, 2009


i guess i can call it a goal. yep. ok, i achieved a life goal last night: saw peter mulvey in concert. it was INCREDIBLE. I think it was better than David Wilcox, though they are both great performers and fabulous musicians. I am a huge fan of story-telling singer-songwriters. I am also a huge fan of small, intimate gatherings--such as the concert last night at SPACE in Evanston. Mariah and I took the El out--three different lines. It was quite a trek. It was well worth it. It definitely went down as one of the favorite memories of this year :) And I mean the school year. It was a blast.

peter mulvey is incredible in concert. add it to your life goals!!

among the songs he played were some personal favorites:
knuckleball suite
girl in the hi-tops
the dreams
the trouble with poets

ah!! SO GOOD!!

ok. off to church!

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