Tuesday, April 01, 2008

weekend in DC

it was friday morning that I decided to go. the bus left downtown chicago at 5pm friday and got into washington, dc at noon on saturday. i went with zach and mariah. it was incredible. the reason:
the Congo Global Action conference

it was a decision i don't regret at all. the conference was free. it was one of the most incredible opportunities I've had while being here. it was very refreshing to get away, be with others who are taking global action (many who are taking much MORE action and who KNOW MORE...), see DC, hang out with good friends, think about what God is talking to me about (where he is leading), be challenged and burdened by the brutality of the genocide in the Congo. My eyes were opened, my heart enlarged, my mind stretched. I have a whole lot to think about...

Each session was a panel. Each panel had at least one congolese that was flown in by the Holocaust Memorial Committee on Conscience. Here are the session topics:

1. Exploring gender-based violence in Congo
2. What children hear: children as victims of war and economic realities in the DRC
3. National resource exploitation and conflict
4.Post-conflict nation stabilization and governance concerns
5. Media training and blogging for action

Several NGO's were also present to share information about their overseas work, etc (World Vision, Enough, Oxfam, International Rescue Committee, Women for Women, etc). It was so neat to be able to gather more resources and make new connections.

DC was incredible. I'm so glad I got to see it again now that I am older and can appreciate it more (White house, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam and WWII Memorials, Washington memorial, The Capital, Arlington Cemetery, etc). The Holocaust Memorial Museum was especially incredible because of where God is leading me in issues and realities of genocide today, etc. (Also, i just reread Night for a term paper).

Mariah, Zach, and I had an incredible time. We've been pulled in lots of new directions and are now asking the Lord to help it all sink deep and bring full change and action.

here are some pictures from the weekend...


Hallie said...

Wow! I am so glad you got to go!!

Unknown said...

i am fighting a completely sinful jealousy of not being able to be there.
pray it doesnt overcome me.

-anyway, i was more so kidding but i am freakin glad you guys got to go. ill have to email or call u sometime soon. and im not sure why your expecting me to be back so soon...i wont be getting back in april-ill give you that. haha.
well i miss ya and love ya and wow DC that is s great. whatta blessing!

the McGee family said...

Jay's mom was just there, too... you could have had lunch!