Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Almost done...almost gone

I fly home a week from today. That thought makes me breath deep and smile big.

I am exhausted. Physically I feel so drained. Emotionally I feel stretched to the max. Spiritually I feel very much in need of rest.

There is SO MUCH going through my head and heart right now. I can't even start...I won't. I'll be catching up with some of you soon. That is a super exciting thought.

I am looking forward to this summer. Aside from a few stresses (like the impending job search) I eagerly await time with family and friends, the reading of good books, the discovering of cool places around town, etc.

I've been packing and cleaning all day. I have one more test tomorrow morning. I am SO TIRED and just want to sleep...but I need to study. bleh. I have been drinking coffee but it doesn't keep me up anymore, so I am trying to "go off" of it. Man... these are crazy days. Clearly "college days," I guess. You know, those days when it feels like you're a college student. Not all days are like these :)

I went slacklining for the last time on the beach! Next time with be with the little bro. I'm SO EXCITED. Mmmm. Fun times ahead.

Ok. I really need to go. Hope you all are well!!


M. Perkins said...

I've got nine days left on my coffee (and tobacco) abstention. I have a headache.

I'm starting to recover from my semester, and I'm definitely glad there's no camp to race off to :)

I think I might have a job.

Anonymous said...

haha.. that title was my exact facebook status a few days ago! crazy.
but so true.
i love you, girl, and i miss you already!

Andrea said...

haha. mark. the headaches definitely suck. bleh.
Where's the job??

Erin, I miss you already too! Sigh. love you.