Thursday, June 26, 2008


Unknown said...

are you in the midst of one?
anyway, i want to change my ringtone.
and since u are my honorary ringtone buddy...ill let you decide =)
what do ya think?

Andrea said...

i WAS in the midst of one!!! sigh. it was amazing.

hmmm. ringtone. well. you could check out some Jem songs. Like "save me" or "24." I'll have to think and get back to you.

Dre Legit said...

what the hec

k is a monsoon? hahah.

Where did you go on facebook? Possibly taking a break? haha. Anyway, I wanted to write you a message and say THANK YOU for the package!!!!! It made me so happy, and I know that the people receiving your gifts are going to be SO HAPPY AS WELL! :o) You are too sweet and have such a big heart! :o) Only one week from wed. when i leave!EEEEK. I'm so pumped man! W

What were some things that you were super glad you brought? Some things I might not think of? Any tips advice for ANYTHING haha. you can email me them. hahah. :o) Anyway, I hope you are doing so well my dear sweet friend! :o) Know that i appreciate you VERY much. :o)