Saturday, September 06, 2008

Farmer's Market

This morning I went to the Lincoln Park market. It was wonderful. I bought two sweet korean zuccini and one yellow one (don't know the name). yum! I didn't get flowers this week. maybe next. It's been a great morning. Went to hojo's with Erin (who is in town to say goodbye!) and had a good time catching up :) ... then the farmer's market. now I'm down to lunch and off campus somewhere to study.

Last night Lacy finally took me to one of her favorite cafe/coffee houses. It has open mic night every friday night. it's definitely a new favorite.

Also. have i mentioned lately how much i love edemame? I love it...

p.s. i wore my overalls today. to the farmer's market. i love my overalls.


hannah said...

haha, i was going to comment on the overalls! you're so funny:)

sweet pics, thanks for posting bud!

M. Perkins said...

Matthew Taylor, standing over Sean, w/ Brit accent: "Sean, you look ridiculous."

Sean, laying on the lawn in overalls: "...okay, Matt."

Matt: "Really, I can't take you seriously when you're dressed like that. You look like big baby."

Andrea said...

haha. i got some interesting comments myself that day... like, "you look country" or "how cute" or "you look like you came from a farm." I just choose to take each as a complement. it works out alright in the end. Nothing beats Babs' comment freshman year: "andrea! You need to get married. you are so cute in overalls."

I still have no idea what marriage has to do with it! haha. i miss her...
get a group of hillsdalians to come visit chicago!