Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wanna see our room?

Lace takes a video each semester. to see this semester's room, check it out here: Lacy's Blog.


Lacy Lillian said...

Haha. I can give you the video if you want so you can put it up???
goofy girl .

Andrea said...

naw, that's ok :) DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Anonymous said...

Andrea I am a die-hard fan of least I feel like it since I read your blog daily. I believe that God uses your blog in my life in a HUGE way to remind me of something or whatever...I just wanted to you to know that I rejoice, smile, cry laugh and dance with you through your blog..ok ok I must admit this is sounding creepy but I thought you should know that I LOVE YOU and I feel daily connected with you. :)

Andrea said...

AAAW!!! Amanda!! I miss you. gosh, I didn't even know you read it :) I'm glad you are blessed. You are one of the inspirations that reminds me to keep writing. Seriously, you encouraged me so much in this THANK YOU :) love you!