Sunday, October 26, 2008

does the weather set your mood?

I don't mean ENTIRELY but, you know, certain weather inspires certain activities, etc?

I am loving the fall weather. I think its because I never really experienced fall growing up. We didn't really have seasons. My "first" fall at Hillsdale was incredible--definitely THE MOST spectacular fall I've ever witnessed.

I'm drinking a hot cup of coffee. Today I bought a pair of red underwear with white snowflakes. Can I just say that I am ridiculously excited about them??!!

I love the colors of fall. I love the scent of fall. I love the anticipation of winter (even though in the city it's a rather dreary thought)...the picture in my mind of desolate fields with grey, naked trees in the distance. Houses with candles lit or fires in the fireplace...and family. I love seeing family. This year we'll have Jay and Kristen, which is a pleasant surprise. I am eager for the time to spend at home. I can't wait to sit in my pajama's at the kitchen table drinking coffee and watching the family wake up--kristen on the couch, mom in the kitchen, dad puttering around. I'm so thankful. SO thankful. A lot of people don't have times like these...

I've been asking myself how much I take for granted. How much I "enjoy" without thinking about it...and trying to be truly grateful for such rich blessings. Even something as simple as the colored leaves falling to the ground or a hot cup of coffee. Is the enjoyment of such pleasures wrong? No. Last year I really wrestled with these thoughts--because I was just back from Africa, I think. Here I am, coming up on ONE YEAR being back in the States. Crazy. I guess I've just been thinking about all that I've processed and learned since then...some things learned the "right" way and some things handled unhealthily. God's a patient teacher. So are my friends. Sigh.

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the McGee family said...

what makes you think i am going to be sitting on the couch?! And where is Jay? And Luke? I can't wait, either... It's going to be wonderful. One of the apartments we want to look at has a fireplace in it! You can come drink coffee there with me, too!
When do you come back to Tucson? And when do you go back to school? Email me the answer, because I probably won't check this.
LOVE YOU!! Baby just kicked you.
Ok... off to make coffee cake for breakfast. Yum.