Monday, November 17, 2008


It's always nice and enlightening to meet with someone who will tell it to you like it is.

I spent time with Dr. De Rosset today. It's been awhile and so was nice to catch up. It was also hard...she tells it like it is. She really helps me identify things and recognize what i'm trying to put into words but can't articulate. Quote of the day: "Andrea, you need to lighten up." I suppose context matters but i don't feel like disclosing the whole conversation. It was kind of a smack in the face, though, because i get so caught up in myself and all that wanders in and out of my own head. It's easy to lose a true perspective and understanding of reality when you are the main voice to yourself. It is then super helpful to listen to older, wiser, trusted voices. I told mom that whenever I talk with De Rosset I come out thinking "it's really so much easier than I make it out to be." I am so grateful for her. I can't wait to have her next fall for message prep. Mmm!!

Am arranging things for a directed studies course in the spring with Dr. Schmutzer and other friends. It's going to be so wonderful, i think, and I am really just so very grateful for this opportunity!

Have been blessed to be going to Church in the City now. Finally. Last week after church we went out for lunch with Lacy's small group and ate together at Mark and Courtney's. Yesterday after the service Chris and Nancy invited us over for the most AMAZING pot roast. Sigh. A wonderful, home-cooked meal in a real house and hours of afternoon visiting. Good for the soul :) I've been missing this.

Looking forward to a slow week. Lots of the Theology and some Bible profs are out of town at a conference. That means lots of cancelled classes! woohoo. I look forward to time for "fun things," quiet hours of directed prayer, and diligent studying. I am in need of all three...

It's hard to believe I'll be home in less than a month! I see Jay and Kristen in a week! woohoo. Gosh, time goes by so stinking fast!!!

I forgot how cold it gets here. It's rather miserable, actually. bummer...

Alright. enough of my rambling thoughts.

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M. Perkins said...

I find it strange that you're listening to the First Lady of France. But that's just me.

I hope you relaxed :)