Sunday, April 19, 2009

before i nap

i've taken to nap time in lacy's bed. it's the most comfortable place in our room. she takes pictures of me napping from time to time. ha. i hope she takes it as a compliment that i'm in her bed. and sometimes we cuddle together on her bed and talk. i like it. it's sort of like crawling into a dark cave...mmm. i think it's nap time right now.

but first, a prayer that echoes the recent language of my heart:

Our mothers and fathers have long spoken of you.
And we have their spokenness in our hands, in these old texts.
We propose now to study you,
to weigh and test,
to examine and assess,
to make you our "object" and so to get a grade.
In your strangeness, you are studied only temporarily,
object only penultimately,
weighed and tested only at the outset.
But then--as always--
You turn tables,
You become subject who addresses,
sovereign who commands,
mother who loves,
warrior who defends,
And we find ourselves turned in ours study to praise and adoration.
So we ask for freedom to love you with our minds,
that we may know a little as we are known,
and in knowing may love and adore,
and in loving and adoring, may obey...
to your praise,
and our joy.
(Walter Brueggemann)

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