Wednesday, April 08, 2009

thoughts with chocolate chip cookies

i have one paper to write--a short 2-3 pager due tomorrow. that's all the homework i have before the long weekend. i am so looking forward to the weekend, too! right now i'm sitting in our room, smelling the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies i just took out of the oven, reflecting on the past few weeks.

they've been a strange few weeks. coming back from spring break was hard because i seriously lacked motivation. and i was homesick. and i missed my sister...and the rest of the family.

but even though they've felt a bit strange, they've been a really good few weeks. i've valued several quality conversations with friends, as well as hours to hang out and laugh together. i am grateful for friends with whom i can laugh and cry--express the joys and the burdens. this is life.

we've made some more wonderful memories and i have so delighted spending time with my girls :) i think the four of us (sarah, mariah, lacy, and i) are realizing that the last days are fast approaching. the semester will be over before we know it--and no more late night laughs, girl dates, home made sunday night dinners, fab-four adventures. i'll miss these days. i'll miss them a whole lot.

how wonderful to have good friends :)


Mmmm. this is how the days go :)

this one makes me laugh. we've all got a different thing going on.


yay for laughing together...

a favorite hang out spot.

um. yep!

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