Saturday, April 04, 2009

i want to be hugged

sometimes i think we just don't give enough hugs. and i go through withdrawals.

i talked with allie for a long time tonight. it was about time! it was wonderful to catch up on life--the dailies, the dreams, body, faith, spirit, soul. hmmm. so good.

today at pcm Rasha gave us Guatemalan coffee!! i thought it was SO CUTE (though random, since she's from Iraq). We hadn't seen her for 5 weeks!! yikes. it was sooo good to be in her home again. Ows was being the cutest little kid ever and switching on and off with us between english and arabic. he's adorable.
she overloaded us on sugar--peach pie, juice, tang, and sweet tea. haha. she's the sweetest hostess but man, we felt gross. tomorrow we are going to our "old" students' house. they called us out of the blue and said "we miss you. we want to have you over for dinner." so we get to enjoy good iraqi food tomorrow. YUM.


Lacy Lillian said...

um... I am huggable... take advantage.
: )

citizenofheaven said...

i definitely agree that we don't give enough hugs. That may have been the biggest culture shock thing for me.