Wednesday, April 22, 2009


why is it that i can sleep when i don't want to (i.e. have loads of homework to get done...ahem: PAPERS TO WRITE) but can't when i want to (gave up on the homework because i fell asleep on it for 1/2 an hour. but i can't fall asleep now). WHAT?!?! So frustrating. i would just love a really good, long night sleep. who wouldn't. it's been taking me at least an hour to fall asleep these days. i don't know why but when the lights go out i can't seem to quiet my thoughts. bugger...

tomorrow night i'm going to hear Piper and Carson speak at Park Church. That's exciting.

oon friday, after work, i'm going to go to a dance show of one of my coworkers. she goes to columbia and all the dance students are performing their pieces. its free. there will be food. what could be better? I look forward to it.

ok. i think i'll try to sleep again. maybe i'll read. grrrrrr.


Dre Legit said...

Andrea, I feel you on the sleep thing! :o) It usually takes me like 15 mins to fall asleep, but these last two weeks or so, it's taken me like an hour or two! I hate it. And this whole week (finally ended last night!) I was waking up 2 or 3 times panicking about something! haha. I NEVER wake up when I sleep. But good that's over.

School is over soon. Sleep is just around the corner. You can make it girl! :o) You'll be in CO SOON!!!!!! (right?) lol.

Andrea said...

I think maybe because its the end of the semester and we have so many little details to get done. arrgg. you're right, though, soon it will be SUMMER!!! woohoo. and yes, i'll be in colorado!!! woohoo :)