Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making Memories of Us

we had a good time at JSB last night. we definitely were not into it like some girls. we didn't spend hours getting ready. we didn't put a ton of time into getting ready...but it was fun. the navy pier ballroom is something else.
no one else at our table showed up. score! we got the table to ourselves. lacy asked us what our favorite memories of the four of us are. we've got some good ones :) it's weird to think we only have 3 weeks left.
we stayed until the speaker came and then we ducked out. we went to whole foods and got popcorn and sparkling pear juice (yep--that's what you do at Moody). all we wanted to do was go out for cocktails but nope. sigh. someday!!
it was still a whole lot of fun.
enjoy pictures!

Mine is an $8 maternity dress and Mariah's is a maternity dress from Gap--hence the picture :)

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the McGee family said...

cute! and you weren't the only one in a maternity dress. that's crazy. by the way, if you can wear that dress when you are pregnant at all, i will be impressed.