Thursday, April 02, 2009

where could i go?

everyday when I hear the "ding" from my "ding fare" icon, I wonder "where could I go today?" right now the best option is louiville for $48. tempting but no.

i'm itching to travel. overseas. its been so long. sometimes i feel so very restless. i watch my friends leave and return. i hear their stories. and the aching desire to GO is, at times, borderline unbearable. tonight's one of those times. i was just writing something about Africa. It will be two years in june. can you believe it? wow. two years already since I got on that plane. hmm.

someday i'll go back. i sometimes catch myself whispering "lord, haste the day!" but really i have no idea when it will happen or how. sometimes its hard to hold onto dreams that i don't even know will "come true." I might wonder if i am too much of a dreamer or if i've allowed myself to let go too easily of my dreams.

i like to think i'm still holding on...holding on while i continue dreaming. the dreams develop. i learn to surrender them a little better. i learn to trust a little deeper. and God guides my steps.

its easy, sometimes, to doubt that He knows what He's doing. Sometimes I feel like He's forgotten about little ol' me. It can be discouraging.

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the McGee family said...

yup. your last paragraph. amen.