Monday, January 11, 2010

and then i smiled

today was kind of a strange day. but there were unexpected moments of peace and rest in which i stopped, smiled, and expressed a heartfelt thanks for life's little joys--like a letter from a friend in cpo; or a call from my sister. today i realized, again, that i am on the older end of things here. realizations such as this one really make me "ready" to leave. it feels like high school sometimes, which is not really very fun.

i wish i could be taking the classes i am now with the "fresh" energy I had over four years ago when i started college. why is it that we finally get into the subjects we thrive in most when we've expended our energy on the "other" classes. oh, this is disappointing...alas.

last night i went to a "fiesta" with whitney and matt at tarah's apartment. it was amazing. we watched nacho libre (which for some reason i once hated but now find so hilarious).
tonight lacy made dinner for emily, danielle, elizabeth, matt, and i. it was great to hang out with fun, "new" people to laugh and talk with. good times.

ok. I need sleep. goodnight, world. i will see you in the morning.

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