Saturday, January 02, 2010

in small ways recognized

sometimes God's faithfulness is "big" but comes to us in "small" ways.

i keep forgetting to thank you all who were thinking of me and praying for my back appointment over break. great news--my back is STRAIGHTER than it was, which is rather remarkable. the doctor was really pleased. my upper curve is 25 degrees down from 28 and my lower curve is 19 degrees down from 21, i think those were the numbers (?). woohoo! he just told me that it's important to maintain good flexibility--he told me to start doing yoga :) i think it would be fun to take a class. but i really wanted to take kick boxing this summer so we'll have to see. maybe the smarter thing would be to buy a yoga dvd. probably.

anyhow, I am quieted to be the recipient of His recognized presence walking with me through these years. I still can't really believe i went in for my 5 year check up and it was better. usually there is a slight "getting worse." hmm.

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citizenofheaven said...

so glad to hear that!!!