Wednesday, January 27, 2010


tonight i miss mozambique. a lot. my heart hurts and i am asking an old and familiar question that doesn't resurface as often as it once did--"when, Lord?" it resurfaces in different ways; with different and deep-seated emotions, thoughts, questions, prayers...

i am almost always startled by the stirring of these old familiar questions. life is so different for me now than what i thought it would (or should) be "back then." i've thanked God time and again that He didn't "leave me to myself" two years ago when I thought that the best, bravest, and most necessary thing to do was quit everything here in order to be there. Oh how wrong I was. how different life does look. and oh how grateful i am for His firm but gentle grace in keeping me here and doing what he has done in my heart, mind, and soul--for wherever I end up. the possibilities are different--enlarged? enriched? matured.

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