Wednesday, January 06, 2010

to make you smile

a few pictures from mom and dad's visit this week :)

i always knew that mom went through a phase of really wanting to be an astronaut. well, what i didn't know is that she actually wrote nasa a letter in junior high, asking why they didn't "accept" female astronauts. she even heard back from them...what she calls a very "sexist letter," explaining why astronauts should be men and females shouldn't be involved in such a field, etc. she lost the letter(s) through the years. wouldn't it be cool if she still had them? my how times have changed.

i spent some time knitting tonight. ah, it was very pleasant. how i love crafting...
check out this "craft room" from the SouleMama blog: amazing. i can't imagine what it would be like to have a room like this. I mean, i'm nowhere near her level or quality of work, so i'm not in "need" of such a space...but even just looking at it makes me smile. what a wonderful space for dreaming and creating.
maybe i'll put together a box of inspiring, creating sorts of things :) that will do.

today was a good day. i got to talk to Mariah and Sarah on the phone. sigh. i miss those girls so much. i would give almost anything to live near them--to be able to get together for a meal, to watch a movie or a show, to adventure together, laugh together...someday, we hope :)

i'm off to bed. goodnight.

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