Friday, January 08, 2010

great God, run ahead of me

i've been a bit "unsure" for the past few days. with an internship that explores the biblical theology of global violence and suffering, a directed study on the biblical theology of sin, one on the healing ministry of Christ, and a TA position that has me reading work for a class on the theology of suffering, i've done some thinking about how to "absorb" these things during the semester...and how to absorb well. God's done a remarkable (and ncessary) work of teaching me how to handle burdens and passions in healthy(er) ways, but there is always more work to be done, right? I've prayed to Him as the one who goes before--recognizing that, even now, he goes before me into a semester that holds steep challenges and great emotional weight. i believe strongly in these subjects--and recognize the need for their inclusion in christian life and faith--but i also know when i (personally) need to "let go" for a little while and take a break. i've been studying these areas for awhile now but never so much at one time. I've already determined to allow myself some "breathing space" on the other end (that is, less "study" for awhile and more just sitting on stuff).

i just pray--with as much of my heart as i am able to corral into concentration--that God would tear down the un-truths in my soul and build in their places a truer understanding of his redemptive plans and purposes in the life of the world, the faith of his people, and the souls of the lost.

now for the main reason i'm sharing this: i was thinking about this last night and found myself sitting on the couch flipping through an old Bible that i had with me in Africa. i came across this verse and had to write it up somewhere where i will see it often. all nuances of the issues aside, this verse is a great comfort: "when the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm." (psalm 75:3)

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