Saturday, May 22, 2010

and "the world spins madly on..."

It's already been a week since graduation. I think the Weepies were onto something when they sang "the world spins madly on..."

I'm in the UP for the weekend at my Grandma's. This was possibly the best place for me to be this weekend--to reflect the end of college and to anticipate the "beginning of life" (not that it is only just starting but you know what I mean).

I met Jake in Wisconsin after work on Thursday and we drove till after 3 in the morning to get here. It was a great drive and a good chance to spend some time together catching up. We managed a few hours of sleep but couldn't really sleep the day away because Jake had to leave Friday night to be back in Wisconsin to shoot a wedding. It was more of a whirlwind trip for him--but so good even though brief.

We went out to Calumet Waterworks and walked along Lake Superior. There are few things more wonderful than enjoying the raw beauty of the world's "hidden places." The rocks, the birch bark scraps strewn across the sand, the lapping water, the soft breeze. There is something so breathtaking--so pure--about it. Such moments of enjoyment provoke deep thankfulness in awareness of what a gift this life is and how remarkable the opportunity to enjoy and share it.

The reality of graduation is settling in. In other words, I find myself experiencing strange moments of sadness coupled with sudden moments of great excitement and unbridled joy. Life is so uncertain. Life is so "available" (open, unknown) and full of opportunity. Life is so unpredictable.

I've decided to spend time this summer intentionally placing myself at the feet of the Lord surrendering thoughts, dreams, hopes, and questions about life/future. The "in between" times of life (summers, breaks, etc.) have often been really hard but also full of remarkable growth and change. So, I sort of timidly and whole-hearted hopefully await what is to come :)

Graduation weekend was really wonderful. It was fast but good to have mom and dad around as well as good friends (got to spend time with sarah briefly and mariah a few extra days). Enjoy some pictures of the weekend! I'll try to put up pictures of the new place soon. We are getting more and more settled and I absolutely love how much it already feels like home. It is a blessed space for living and we are so thankful to God for his goodness in providing it. His faithfulness has been demonstrated in such tangible ways.

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