Wednesday, May 19, 2010

our home

i'm in the new place! it's lovely. we have a library. yes, it's true. sigh. once there are no boxes lying around i will take pictures to post. in the meantime, you just have to trust me. it's cute :)

the morning sun comes in through our living room windows and subsequently floods the kitchen floor with the perfect amount of sunlight. with tea and/or my bible and a book, this is soon to be a favorite spot. the neighborhood is wonderful. quiet, quaint, and lots of cute shops, restaurants, and small bars/pubs. i look forward to making this home for the year.

summer has started with a rush. this week has been so busy with packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, etc., and work on top of all of that. but this weekend will be a nice break. i'm leaving thursday night to drop tiffany off in milwaukee and then meet jake in appleton for a drive up north to visit grandma. unfortunately he has to be back down to shoot a wedding on saturday but i'll stay up there until sunday when mom and dad can then drive me back down.

i am eager for a break from the city, the open road, the shores of lake superior, the good company :) aaaah. the perfect "true" start to the summer, in my opinion. i'm going to start my first book of summer reading (haven't decided what yet but i'll let you know).

i have to run--off to play for children all day.

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