Wednesday, May 05, 2010

days like this

days like this make me want to run from the routine and shed the world for a little while.

hard conversations with friends and family can put things in perspective fast and "unexpectedly." yet another reminder or two that life is lived in moments: small, meaningful, intentional moments. these simple choices and "ordinary" experiences can carry eternal weight and life-long significance. i've been reminded how my words and actions matter--and how truly i need the grace to live in relationship with others.

i read psalm 139 yesterday morning and was delighted to drink in all its beauty while i sat on my bed for a quiet 30 minutes before diving back into the rush of this schedule i'm living right now. the last part of verse 18 is kind of incredible: "I awake, and I am still with you." ah, yes, how truly i experience this. sometimes it is startling to find yourself "still with him," isn't it? and i am grateful to know that his presence accompanies us as we journey. it would be entirely impossible for us to experience a satisfied life and live its never-ending mysteries without finding ourselves "still with" Him who is the one with us.

so, i feel bad for people who have to communicate with me on a regular basis these days (maybe that includes you since i try to write things out as i process...haha, lucky you). i'm pretty sure i'm the world's most frustrating person right now...i can't articulate anything, i'm tired all the time, my focus is shot, and my attention span has got to be less than that of a 4 year old. oh goodness. i keep thinking that come June i will find my "renewed self." i pray for it. i have great hopes of rest and recuperation for this summer...and i have started praying now...i can hardly wait :)

graduating from college is tough work. or maybe i just overloaded myself this semester. yep, that's probably it.

goodnight all!

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