Saturday, May 08, 2010

"rock me mama like a wagon wheel..."

I love O.C.M.S., have I ever told you so?

I have been in this library since 12:30 this afternoon until now (7:30pm) except for a 35 min dinner break. ugh. Because my motivation is diminishing by the day, it takes me 2(3)x as long to get anything done. Bother...

I think now it's time for Mason Jennings.


M. Perkins said...

Funny. I've heard Wagon Wheel twice in the last two nights here by the Hilltop Moonshiners first and then by a random group. It's a great song for people to play live and sing to.

Hallie said...

I just listened to this song tonight on my way home! A good end-of-a chapter-in-life song.