Tuesday, May 25, 2010

welcome to the neighborhood

have i mentioned how much i love our new neighborhood? aaaah, it's absolutely wonderful. it is quiet and quaint and feels "small town." in the mornings, people are out walking dogs, chatting at starbucks, eating breakfast at any of several local diners/cafes--its great. i smile almost every time i walk or drive through :) the Trader Joe's is full of wonderful people that i consider "friends" in some way simply because they 1. live in the neighborhood 2. seem like people i'd be friends with 3. shop at trader joe's (of course).

i am currently at starbucks sitting in a booth (it is a converted restaurant so it is especially wonderful and unique). i'm writing the last paper of my Moody career. it's true, i have one more to finish up before grades are due on the 31st. i've been working on this one in my head and heart all semester--The Problem of Sin and the Image of God: Sin's Consequences for Life and Faith. i spent some time in Moody's library this morning as a "visitor" (so read my parking permit and ID). so strange. it is the weirdest feeling driving downtown now days. suddenly my life in Chicago is so different. changed forever. i am excited about the ways in which my existence in this big city is changing, it's just a little awkward--like an outfit half grown into...

it's been in the 80's and humid. this girl from the west knows NOTHING of how to survive the humidity. basically i just get grumpy. sorry, world, i will try to get over it. sigh. who ever thought you could take a shower at 7am and need another by 9am??!! YUCK. we don't have air conditioning either. last night we put the window unit in our bedroom which helped IMMENSELY. we can now sleep at night. bonus! otherwise we hang out downstairs most of the time because it is possibly 10 degrees cooler down there.

last night was Monday night at Waterhouse. It's a favorite place--$3 burgers and $3 beer of the month on Mondays. Lace and I have been addicted to their burgers for awhile. mmm. i should give a shout out to their sweet potato fries. yum.

summer reading thus far includes a re-reading of The End of the Affair. that book entirely shook my world the first time I read it. i still remember coming back from starbucks after having finished it, feeling like i had just met with God (at starbucks!!!??!). the book is (among other things) a remarkable picture of God's fidelity and our frustrating infidelity. it's a raw and refreshing kind of honest.

i'll let you know what else I decide to pick up this summer. i have high hopes for good reading :)

how are you enjoying the first days of summer? i pray with sensitivity to how God will live with you these months, pulling and pushing you in new ways on these summer days. also, i pray for refreshment and enjoyment. live full these bright, brief and blessed days!

[p.s. i am an aunt times 2! little baby girl mcgee (yet to be officially named) was born sunday at 1pm, happy and healthy. i am so excited to see her in July!! pictures soon to follow...]

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