Monday, August 30, 2010

Uncle Wiggley

How can a five-year-old beat a twenty-three-year-old in a game called Uncle Wiggley--UNCLE WIGGLEY--4 times to 1!!?!! And he was (for the most part) playing fair. Preposterous! I feel...umm...ridiculous?! Granted, the game requires no grasp of strategy. I mean, it's reminiscent of Candy Land (but much more aesthetically pleasing) and has characters that include "Peetie Bow Wow." Go ahead, you can laugh. Still, I feel more ways than one. That and now I have a gloating 5 yr. old boy to handle. But I can take it...and I enjoy playing with him too much to hold a grudge ;)

I'm really excited to have kids. But I'm going to be a stickler about not getting away with picking up two cards at once "on accident" and then trying to choose which one should be considered the "right" one. Oh no, no, no. That trick will not work on me. My poor children will never have a chance--I'm learning all of their tricks ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard about a kid picking up two cards "by accident".Would Papa have let you get away with that?What do you think.

Andrea said...

Mmm. that is a very good question. he had a soft side--but he was "the card shark." hmm. I'll have to think on it. Maybe he would let ME get away from it, of all three of us :) haha.