Monday, January 31, 2011

a day in

i'm sick. complete with the chills, stuffy nose, and an occasional cough. nothing too terrible but enough to make me feel legitimately under the weather. i took a nap today, enjoyed 3 (maybe 4?) cups of tea, time to read my book, and a skype call with Jake. it's a day in. but i have to go to work in 40 min so it isn't really.

we're supposed to get a crazy storm on wednesday: 12-18 inches of snow! if it doesn't cause too many problems, i hope it does actually snow a lot. if it's going to be cold out, it might as well snow a lot. at least then it's pretty (for awhile).

not a lot going on, as you can see. so i don't even know why i'm on here trying to blog about it. i read this from Ann Voskamp just a bit ago, "Significance is in direct correlation to smallness and life is leveraged by all that is little." It sort of piggy-backs off of yesterday's post about patience and life's moments. lately i've really been challenged to live the moments. i've been trying (hard) to be less concerned about figuring things out and more "ok" with my need to trust God and deliver my life over to him (again and again and again and again). He provides enough courage for each moment, i'm finding. courage to ask questions or to stop asking; courage to rest; courage for moving and courage for stopping; courage for company and courage for loneliness; courage for knowledge and courage for wonder. i think it's safe to say my moments have been riddled with his mysterious presence and i'm grateful.

the snow will slow the big city down. maybe that's why i want it to come. but it will also mean some panic and some chaos. a sea of people slowed? but they're used to living life fast! so they won't be happy. but there's value in the slowing. slowing forces us to see, think, feel, ask, and learn things we might not otherwise recognize.

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