Monday, January 10, 2011

Epiphany Sunday

Yesterday was Epiphany Sunday. I didn't really know anything about Epiphany Sunday until yesterday. It's a day in the liturgical year that stops to consider the relationship between humankind and God's manifestation of himself through his glory (esp. as experienced in/through the life and work of Christ). In particular, it centers on the story of the Magi from Matthew.

Bob talked about the glory of God in the incarnation and in relationship with humanity. It was a really good homily with reminders such as, "don't live beneath the glory God has given you; glory bestowed on and manifested in you, his people." "God delights in sharing the experience of His glory." "God regards us as the manifestation of his glory." We are his field, building, temple. We are made holy. We are becoming.

God has come for the sake of all people--to make a new humanity. The great theme of this movement in history is reconciliation. The scandal of such a subversive message has been made apparent in each generation. There is a new story available to the oppressed and the broken; the weak and the needy; the frustrated and the proud. God's involvement in the world is one that desires to saturate and dignify with his love (funny I should happen to watch Crash with friends this same afternoon..). This resonates with what it means to be human. Such a story is, at base level, full of the freedom and hope that we need. We are most alive when we are animated by something bigger than ourselves. We always will be--it's in us to be this way.

Bob reminded us that the liturgical year reminds us we are part of a bigger story--a story gone before us; a story we are written into. Our lives are hidden with Christ in God...

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