Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a mom?

some days i'm just really excited to be a mom. nannying is a unique situation to find myself in. i'm not always thrilled to have this as my "occupation" right now. but other times, i'm really blessed that i have the opportunity to grow in so many ways and consider a lot about what it means to parent (/mother), etc. the interactions you're able to have with your children on a daily basis are undeniably abundant and really such moments of blessing and gift. so much is taught and learned about really significant things but in really simple ways. that's one thing that has taken some getting used to but that has also been really refreshing. those "life moments" can pop up anywhere--over hot chocolate, finger paints, and playdoh or in the backyard playing "American football" and on the short walk to the lego store...

yesterday while getting C's snack ready, I asked him if he wanted a banana or an apple with it, to which he responded, "Are we back to this conversation again?" haha. Yes, C, you've learned well. something fresh and healthy with snack but your pick. then later while in the playroom getting ready to battle: C--"how many Army men do you have?" Me--"nine." C--"I have twelve. this is going to be good." he makes me laugh. regularly. he also makes me see the world differently. regularly. i'd say that's something to look forward to in the living with and raising of children.

i'm eager for it.

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