Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thank you, my 3 yr old friend

there's something really wonderful (and rather perceptive) about a 3 yr old noticing a mood change. today was really hard. for various reasons. i won't go into them, but my mind and heart were far away from the trucks and airplanes we were playing with in the playroom. i hadn't really realized it until A looked up at me and said, "Andrea, what's wrong?" and i almost burst into tears right there. how did he know? it's like he read my mind. it took every ounce of energy to keep back the tears and force out an "oh, i'm alright." we kept playing. he even gave me a hug today. so needed. and all from a little 3 yr old who was a friend to me when no one else was around to be one.
on days like today i'm really grateful for my job. i was so blessed by the little guys all throughout the day. maybe God knew i needed a little extra out-of-the-ordinary lovin'...from unexpected places.

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