Thursday, January 06, 2011

Resolved: to take vitamins this year

I must have an abnormally small throat or something. They always get stuck. Even the small ones. uughhh. But it doesn't matter, because I have resolved to take vitamins this year. #1 on the list is D, since I don't get enough sun and i'm quite certain it affects my mood.

I'm sure you really care about my habits (or not) of vitamin intake. huh. Oh well.

In other news, today is dad's bday. Three family bday's in one week. whew!!

Otherwise, the week is coming to a close. This weekend holds some fun things, including sunday dinner with friends (here!). i'm trying a few new recipes so stay posted.

I'm reading again--East of Eden (Steinbeck)--and loving it. Not far yet but feeling as though I'm settling back into his style. It's so unique and wonderful. There's nothing like a good novel. I should reread Grapes of Wrath. yeah right, like that's going to happen...

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