Monday, January 03, 2011

roommate christmas

last night was our "big blue house" christmas. Lacy got me The Jesus Storybook Bible (favorite kids Bible, by far) and Mariah got me castile soap (peppermint) in honor/hope of our backpacking/camping adventures, as well as The Fantastic Mr. Fox. All-around great, great, great!!

I had a lovely weekend in Wisconsin. It was a quick trip but such a good one--I was missing those Schnakes. Now I'm back to the real world and my jobs and my routine...BUT it's a new year, so I feel refreshed and eager and ready and expectant. hmmm. i was talking to mom last night about how this year holds so much "uncertainty" for our family. most of us have big unknowns--Luke's move to Oklahoma; Mom and Dad's move to Flag; the future of my apartment/living situation here, jobs, etc; Jay and Kristen's resignation from Wycliffe and a new job...whew, lots of changes for the Childs clan. Lots of trusting and hoping and praying going on in all of our hearts. In some ways, it's cool to all be in a similar place because we can relate, sympathize, share the experience, etc. But it's also a little hard because it just means A LOT of big changes coming that demand a lot of relenting, relinquishing, and trusting.

i read on a blog earlier, "gratitude is what makes the past a grace, here holy, and tomorrow a gift." i like that. there's been a lot of gratitude in my heart lately. all's grace. i realize this more and more with each new year.

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