Saturday, November 01, 2008

i can't sleep. again.

It's weird. i FEEL like I drank caffeine but i didn't!! gggggrrrrrrr.

right now I want to live on a ranch. just for a while. I want my "fix" of mountains and cowboys and dirt and horses and wide open fields, plains....hmmm. think maybe I'm a little tired of living in the city? just a little...

Karen called me tonight when I was asleep. She left a message to say hi and that everyone at work misses me...they know i'm coming back soon for christmas and look forward to it. haha. oh man! Sometimes i get really nervous about working there this winter. Other times I get excited to see everyone again. It will be very different than this summer. and a whole lot busier. hmm.

today kyle baril came into town and we went for coffee. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with a good friend. there's a "comfort" in being with someone who has known you for a long time and with whom it is easy to talk to. it was a good visit.

i didn't do a single bit of homework today. i know--not good. but i just putsed around and it was nice. slept in, cleaned, hung out with kyle, talked with mom, worked on my scarf, organize, figure out loan stuff, etc. Odds and ends of things. Like the weekend b/c i feel like I am putting things "back in order" from a busy week before the new one begins. Mmm.

I really can't sleep. Maybe I should read...? I don't know. This is kind of frustrating!


hannah said...

so this may be two blogs too late BUT i'm commenting anyhow. i haven't really had trouble sleeping this semester, except this past wednesday night when for the life of me i couldn't sleep. i actually almost got up and blogged! and so imagine my surprise when i saw your blog the next night. i found the two situations to be a happy little coincidence.

hope the sleeping improves!

the end.

Andrea said...

haha. crazy! that's why we're friends :)