Tuesday, December 16, 2008

22 years

I feel like that's a long time to be alive. not that i am ready to die or anything. its just that 22 seems like a long time. but time keeps going faster and faster. whew.

i had a wonderful bday. As much as I am a "traditionalist" in a lot of ways (holidays, celebrations, etc) i am all for new, spontaneous, out-of-the-ordinary bdays. Even though my bday landed on finals week, it was full of random fun: wonderful notes, hugs, christmas lights, "ice skating" (on a pond frozen over the leaves: beautiful), THE ZOO (dude, how long have i wanted to go to the zoo at night), santa (and his lap...eew), christmas music (dance party), good friends, hot tea, ALIAS. sigh. very wonderful. I am so blessed and have the most amazing friends!!!!!! I love you, girls!

enjoy some pictures.

i go home tomorrow. so ready. so excited.


hannah said...

i'm glad it was a very merry birthday:]

Lacy Lillian said...

I love your face and I'm so happy that you were born and that I get to see your amazing face almost every day!