Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas (Eve) Everyone!

It's a warm sunny morning and if not for this darn cold i would feel a lot better about the day. But, i'm dealing with a lump in my throat that seriously feels like an apple, a leaky eye (you know when you have a cold and your eyes get teary?), a stuffy (or else runny) nose and a bit of a horse throat. I have to work tonight. 3-9:30 at the club and there are going to be sooo many people! I won't be able to go to Christmas Eve service with my family OR spend a quiet evening at home. sad. but i'm trying to remember, in the midst of it all, what it is I truly am celebrating and why the anticipation is a reflection of something beautiful--a hopeful longing every heart painfully enjoys.

the christmas tree is beautiful. maybe i'll read for a while this morning. i think i'm going to have a bowl of cheerios and a cup of hot tea. sigh. i really hate being sick. Especially now. tonight is going to be a bummer. I think i'll be quarantined because we can't risk kristen getting sick with baby or jay (they won't let him in the delivery room if he even has a cold!).

i hope you each have a blessed Christmas day.
The Morning Star has shown upon us--a GREAT light! Emmanuel, God with us.

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