Thursday, December 04, 2008

i love my brother

oh the conversations we have... he's so full of profundities and wisdom, let me tell you.

me: "my birthday is coming up fast."
luke: "i know. you're getting old."
me: "i know! 22 and single..."
luke: "you don't want to be married. who needs stupid relationships..."
me: "uh. not all relationships are stupid."
luke "i guess that's true. but still, you don't want to be MARRIED right now, do you?"
me (frustrated): "luke, I didn't say anything about a husband, just SOMEONE."
luke: "i'll be your someone. oh wow. that was a mom thing to say."

22 does sound old. it's always interesting to reflect on a year. so much happens, you know? some things turn out "as expected," and some things don't. it's always an adventure. i won't do to much reflecting before the actual day but i just want to say that this has been a year worth praising and praising for. It has been incredibly tough--with the return from africa and all. So much Divine faithfulness upholding my frail heart. It's been a year of silence and solitude. But we learn a lot in places of silence and solitude. God has graciously taught me so much.

i'm ready to go home and be with family. on the agenda: sleep-overs with coffee and star toast at Jay and Kristen's, rock climbing and slacklining with Luke, camping with friends, baby shower, early mornings in the living room with mom, biking with dad, dates with parents, movie nights with friends, coffee dates, christmas things, catching up, hanging out with friends doing nothing special but spending time together, reading in the living room...mountains and sunsets...warm weather!!

almost. just under two weeks. sigh!!

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