Monday, December 08, 2008

Reflections on OTBT


Genesis undergirds the Sinai covenant.
The creation account is a "standard" mythic account with God's theology put in it (Ancient Near Eastern myths included: darkness, chaotic waters, etc.).

Days 1-3: Naming
Days 5, 6: Blessing
Day 4: not blessed--no dignity of names to heavenly bodies (sun, moon) because these were worshipped in A.N.E. (distinctions drawn).

Creation is a series of separations. God allows the collapse of His universe in the flood: a mixing; falling together.

Term "good" communicates that intention is met of God's created design.

Notice the Semitic nature/setting (esp. w/ regard to creation of man--joining of woman):
Father observes need; finds wife; brings wife forward to man; stands over "wedding" (joining).
Man doesn't speak until there is someone to speak with. By dialogue man is created for dialogue--made for community.

The sin of man spoils the created order. We never sin in a vacuum.

We cannot speak of creation apart from redemption. Why have we separated creation from Redemption?
In Christ's own death, the sun went dark and the earth convulsed.
We don't have a theology of creation because of dualism and distinctions drawn. Pantheism reacts to our silence on the subject.

Of the creation account we ought to ask not HOW (as the evangelical tradition is so prone to do) but rather WHY and for WHAT. We don't always really read what IS there in the text.

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