Friday, December 12, 2008

Rock of Ages

There's a line in this song: "Rock of Ages, Your will be done." I can barely even whisper it. Maybe, if I in the same breath I whisper "give me the faith." I'm re-learning His grace in so many ways right now. Little graces and big graces. Perhaps that sounds weird. But I don't think it is. I think there are eternal extensions and "the gift" of grace (the cross) but there are daily graces that teach faith and surrender to hearts that have a tendency for self-living. He's breaking my will daily--that's a whole lot of grace :)

I've been challenged and awed by His love over the past days. He's loving me tenderly and wildly--in ways so uniquely "needed." What faithfulness. What undeserved love.

Wish I was a faithful lover.

I guess I'd know little of grace if I were.

Sandra McCracken wrote a good blog post. You can access it HERE if you have time to read over it.

Are you living LiFe as the short gift that it is? I pray GrAcE over you for the to walk the road :)

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