Friday, February 20, 2009

am i a girl?

just kidding. (mostly). :)

i don't own a bottle of nail polish. sometimes i secretly "want" to like the stuff. so lately i've had this urge to paint my fingernails. i tried. i painted a whole hand but couldn't stand it and took it all off. lacy thinks i'm ridiculous and need to "just do it." i let her paint my thumb and promise to keep it overnight. baby steps :).

maybe if i got a really cool color and stayed far away from pinks and purples. hmm. i don't know. mostly i just feel really weird with painted nails.

i think i'm a terrible "girl" sometimes. ha.

in other news...
my head and heart have been FULL lately. needless to say i sort of want to go away and live in a lone cabin for awhile--just to think, read, reflect, write, pray, mull over, and decide some things.
since i can't go away to a cabin, i'll settle for a weekend. and spring break in two weeks.

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