Monday, February 09, 2009


i love "moonshiner" by redbird. it seriously gives me the road trip itch. man. I really really really want to travel. its been too long...


hannah said...

do not read "The Art of Pilgrimage" it will only augment your desire to travel. the book puts into words so well a lot of what i've felt about traveling.

here's a few quotes i've come across so far that i really like:

"making a pilgrimage was a way to prove your faith and find answers to your deepest questions. that stymied me; it forced me to ask myself what i believed in so strongly."

"during those hours i was never more a stranger and, uncannily enough, never more at home. that encounter was the first of many in my life that drove home the unsettling but inescapable fact that we are all strangers in this world and that part of the elusive wonder of travel is that during those moments far away from all that is familiar, we are forced to face that truth, which is to say, the sacred truth of our soul's journey here on earth."

wow i actually have way more underlined but then this would be an absurdly long comment. just emailed you about mexico or cali :)

Andrea said...

AAHH! Sounds like a good book. there's definitely something inside that starts screaming "this isn't home!" as we journey on. exciting and exhilarating.