Wednesday, February 25, 2009

we'd head out west because the west is the best...

"its got the biggest blue skies you've ever seen and underneath we'd be dancing you and me. i'd sure like that a lot."

i like this song. it's called "I'd Sure Like That A Lot," by Stephen Ashbrook. its makes me hope for someone who'll say to me "hey, a roadtrip sounds nice." and we'd head out west and dance together underneath the big blue skies :)

sometimes i have these moments in which i feel like my life is "ready" to happen. sounds ridiculous, i know. but i'm sure you've had the feeling. "ok, i'm ready to get married now." really i just want it to happen but i'm not always sure i'm ready.

or "ok, what's next, lord?"

still gratefully content to be here and enjoying the now moments, i am eager for what my life will look like in...say...five years. it seems like there are still so many "firsts" of life yet to happen. i always thought life at 20-something was so "grown up" and everything would have "happened" by now. haha. it's rather interesting to figure out what life is really like, rather than what i thought it would be like.

all i know is, at 22 its easy to start feeling entitled to life--and what life "promises" (degrees, boyfriends, friendships, marriage, houses, kids). I've been wrestling with how to live true to reality and live with a raw honesty that seeks to live life as it comes--expected or unexpected. does this make sense?

there's so much "I want." i want to live with my wants live well each passing afternoon...
so difficult sometimes.

looking thankfully forward to having a break in 9 days (but who's counting)--to spend time at home with friends and get think and pray and live away from pressures of restricted dorm life. hmm. sounds lovely.

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