Sunday, February 08, 2009

reverencing an unseen presence

lately i've been overwhelmed by the holiness of God. it seems like my soul is preoccupied with the purity of HIM and, so, consistently trembles. i am aware of how forgetful I am in reverencing Him. so casually i sometimes speak of Him--things he's teaching, revealing, speaking. The Emmanuel--God with us--is righteous in all that He does. His Spirit leads us into truth. It's close, personal, and intimate. Yet it is still unspeakable glory. Unmatched power. It is delightful presence we are gifted with. I hate to see it manipulated and taken for granted. I don't want the things of God to grow too common and casual. At the beginning of this semester I wrote a prayer i keep above my desk. sometimes I forget to look at it: "Preserve a freshness to my faith."

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