Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy v-day everyone

today was a good day. pcm was interesting. mariah and I had some good conversations with our student. more on that later...

i went to trader joe's and got ingredients for homemade pizza. we made two--one on whole wheat, one on garlic & herb. amazing. so so good. we had a late picnic dinner on the dorm room floor--our kind of style :) complete with valentine's cookies that sarah picked up on her way home from work.

i love these girls. there aren't too many more nights for this in the semester.

i'm going to miss it.

oh, p.s. i opened a valentine's dove chocolate heart today and the message was "be your own valentine." stupid.

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citizenofheaven said...

has anyone ever told you that your heart is beautiful? because it is. i'm really enjoying the opportunity to hear snippets of it on friday mornings (or ya know, thursdays :)) and reading pieces on here. thanks for sharing! blessings, Andrea!