Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wishing for candles

it's just one of those nights. if i was in my room at home i would light all my candles. i would turn on some peter mulvey. i have the peter mulvey part down...but the rules don't allow for the candles part. suck.

i'm grateful for good conversation with a new friend. it's always refreshing and encouraging to discover a like heart, and to share a little bit of beauty and truth together. again, hit by how privileged i am in this place.

we don't have these college years forever, friends. in fact, they move by so darn quickly. do you ever ask yourself why you're living them? this question has been in my mind.

something else: sometimes we ask questions but we never hear the answers. we ask anyway, though, don't we? i'm learning that a lot of faith is trusting that the questions are heard, though perhaps not answered. hm. difficult.

the big fluffy snowflakes outside make me smile. they are beautiful.

i think i'm going to have some graham crackers and milk.

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